Aluminium Name Plates Manufacturers in India

From identifying buildings and military bases to memorializing parks and landmarks, ClassicDsigns high quality custom Aluminium Name Plates are produced to last a lifetime. In fact, we’ve been designing and manufacturing engraved metal signs for more than 15 years. Our engraved metal signs are made from materials such as aluminium, brass, cast bronze, copper, stainless steel, or zinc and our earth-friendly processes don’t use lead or mercury alloys. No matter what type of engraved metal signs or material you’re looking for, ClassicDsigns will turn your vision into reality.

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Product Specifications (Customizable) :

Weight: It depends on the type of material and size

Thicknesses: It depends on the type of material and size

Fonts: Architectural, Arial, Arial Bold, avant-garde-medium, clarendon-fortune-bold, classic-roman, copperplate, friz-quadrata, future, futura-bold, garamond-bold, garamond-bold-italic, garamond-regular, Helvetica, helvetica-bold, kabel, optima, palatino, palatino-semi-bold, profile, ribbon, ribbon-condensed, roffe, standard-block, times-bold, times-bold-italic, times-new-roman, trajan-bold

Colours: Baked Enamel Paint Colours

Shapes: Custom shapes

Details: Long Lasting attractive appearance

Uses: Indoor/Outdoor Office, building, Memorials, Historical Documentation, Address Plate, Hall of Fame,

Engraving Method:  Acid Engraving

Estimated Lifespan: Lifetime guarantee with proper placement and care

Common Sizes: 2″ x 4″, 2″ x 10″, 3″ x 8″, 3″ x 12″, 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 12″


  • What can the Aluminium Name Plates be used for?

Aluminium Name Plates can be used in a variety of ways. The most common uses include internal signs in office settings including room plaque and number signs, receptionist areas, building directories, etc. Aluminium Name Plates are also often used for exterior purposes including business signage in commercial business parks and entrance signs. They also look great in professional service settings such as dentist, physician/doctor, lawyer, and accountant’s offices due to their aesthetic appeal and professional look.

  • Are your Aluminium Name Plates suited for outdoors?

Yes. Aluminium Name Plates are a great option for both indoor and outdoor uses. While using them outdoors increases the chances of being scratched or damaged they are perfectly capable of being used outside.

  • Will my Aluminium Name Plates fade or scratch?

In normal everyday usage your aluminium name plates should not scratch or fade. That being said aluminium name plates can be perceptible to scratches. To avoid scratching your sign, take care when handling, posting and storing your sign so that it doesn’t come into contact or rub against other sharp surfaces or objects.

Installation and Care:


  • How do I install my Aluminium Name Plates / Where can I post my sign?

Aluminium Name Plates can be placed or posted both inside and out. Regardless of where they might be posted they are generally affixed to rigid surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete or even drywall. We recommend selecting drilled holes and standoffs when ordering your sign so that you can easily post your sign in the desired spot.

The standoffs come with wall anchors and screws that can be used to post your sign. To install your sign you should drill a pilot hole before inserting the anchor. You can then drill your screw into the anchor in the rigid surface. Lastly, screw on the standoff cap for each drilled hole on your sign.

Aluminium Name Plates can also be hung using the drilled holes and a variety of accessories including rope, bungee cord, zip ties, etc. As engraved metal signs are generally a more professional sign we recommend mounting them with standoffs to obtain the best look.

  • How do I wash my Aluminium Name Plates?

You can clean your Aluminium Name Plates by using a non-abrasive wet rag or cloth with water or a mild detergent. Regular cleaning will ensure that your sign and the printed portion of the sign remain clear and vibrant.

  • How do I store my Aluminium Name Plates?

Storing your Aluminium Name Plates is very easy to do. Simply store them in a cool dry place at room temperature. Avoid scraping or rubbing them against abrasive or sharp objects to avoid scratching. We recommend covering them or inserting some kind of soft fabric in between signs if you are storing more than one together.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • What is your standard lead time on plaques?

Our standard lead times vary depending on the type of plaque:

Etched plaques: 5-10 working days

Photo relief plaques: 20-25 working days

Rush production options are available.

  • What rush production options are available on plaques?

We are happy to try to accommodate rush orders on custom office signs, if possible. Please give us the date you need the signage in hand, or installed, and we will try to accommodate. Please note that production time begins upon payment and an approved proof. If you approve it late or need changes, we can not guarantee the date we promised.

  • Will you design my plaque? Can I provide my own design?

Yes. We have some of the best, most creative plaque layout artists in the industry. If you provide the copy and images (if needed), we will design your plaque for you. Its best to provide a rough sketch, word document or PDF file of the copy you need. A deposit is required to begin the design process.

You can also provide your own art. We will need any art files in a vector AI, EPS, or PDF format, with all fonts converted to outlines. Please make sure to follow the minimum letter size rules.

  • What type of file do you need to include a portrait or photo on my plaque?

We need a high-quality photo in JPG format. A phone or web image will not work well. It should be as high resolution of an image as possible. If you have an original photograph, please have it professionally scanned, or send it to us and we can scan it for you.

  • What size plaque do I need?

It depends on how much copy you have and if you will have a portrait or image on the plaque. There are no set standard sizes. In your quote request, let us know the copy for the plaque and if you want a portrait. Based on that information, we can help you determine an appropriate size. Please give us an approximate size you have in mind based on the wall or space you want to install the plaque on. For example – 8”x 12”, 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” – etc.

  • What are the minimum letter sizes for plaques?

For etched metal plaques, the minimum text height must be no smaller than 1/4″ if using all uppercase. If using upper- and lowercase, the uppercase needs to be ⅜” minimum. These requirements are based on the sand casting process.

For etched plaques, the minimum text height must be no smaller than 1/8″ if using all uppercase. If using upper- and lowercase, the uppercase needs to be 3/16” minimum.

  • What mounting options are there for plaques?

Most plaques are typically installed with a blind stud mount or screws through the face. Mounting hardware is provided with your order. We also offer post and stake mounts.

  • How will my plaque be protected outdoors? How long will a plaque last outdoors?

We recommend a high-gloss polyurethane clear coat for outdoor plaques. The clear coat will protect the plaque and maintain its finish for many years. A satin finish clear coat is available, but does not withstand the elements nearly as well as the gloss finish polyurethane clear coat. If you don’t specify, we will use a gloss clear coat as a default in most cases.

For saltwater locations, we recommend either alloy 316 etched stainless steel or brass with no clear coat or paint and let the salt in the air create a natural patina finish. Cast bronze itself can last more than 100 years.

  • Can I use a custom font on my plaque?

Yes, you can use a custom font for your sign letters or plaque project. You will need to email us the font in a .ttf (True Type format) Additional fees will apply for custom fonts.

  • What is your guarantee on plaques?

We offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. We can not guarantee against any type of vandalism, handling or installation issues. The guarantee does not cover removal, installation or shipping costs. Please send us images of the defect, as we will need the images to verify the issue.

  • How should I clean and maintain my plaque?

To maintain your plaque’s finish, periodic cleaning with warm water, a soft cloth and a mild detergent is recommended to keep your plaque looking its best. Never use anything abrasive on your plaque, including bronze cleaners or stainless steel cleaners. This will destroy the clear coat finish and speed the oxidation process. If, after several years, you decide your plaque needs a facelift, we do offer refinishing services. Please contact us to discuss the options and costs associated.

All plaques will naturally oxidize over time, changing the appearance of your finished project. For bronze, this is part of the natural beauty. It’s difficult to say exactly how long before this oxidization occurs, because it largely depends on the environment.

  • Why should I use Alloy 316 stainless steel in a marine or coastal environment?

Alloy 316 stainless steel is made to last longer in marine environments. It does cost more, but will be a worthwhile investment.

  • I need holes drilled in custom locations / Can I get more than four drilled holes?

Yes, you can. For these requests please specify your requirements in the customer comments.