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Our LED Signs uses LED Modules as lighting source instead of neon tube lights. In most cases LED Signs are made in form of 3D Sign Letters with lighting embedded inside. LED has the ability to present with same light and brightness as neon. Apart from being water proof, this signs reduce the cost on the maintenance and use 70% less electricity than neon. Low heat, high brightness and performing well under harsh conditions are some of its characteristics.

We offer full range of LED Colours i.e., red, green, blue and white, the sign comprises of  plastic frame with firmness and light weight for outdoor use. Aluminum frame is an added advantage, it is used to enhance the quality of LED signs and it is extremely safe to touch and clean.

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Product Specifications (Customizable) :

Fonts: Architectural, Arial, Arial Bold, avant-garde-medium, clarendon-fortune-bold, classic-roman, copperplate, friz-quadrata, future, futura-bold, garamond-bold, garamond-bold-italic, garamond-regular, Helvetica, helvetica-bold, kabel, optima, palatino, palatino-semi-bold, profile, ribbon, ribbon-condensed, roffe, standard-block, times-bold, times-bold-italic, times-new-roman, trajan-bold
Colour: RGB and any colour under the sun which will be matched accordingly
Details: Reduces the Power Consumption and Cost, Produce Brightness more than Neon Tubes
Uses: Indoor/Outdoor Office, building, directional and reception signs, Cinema Theatres
Used for: 3D Sign Letters, Acrylic Signs, Metal Letters

Light Transformer Details: 12Volt 2Amp, 24W SMPS/ Power Supply SMPS
Input Voltage: AC 90 – 264V 50 / 60Hz
Output Voltage: 12V DC, 2A, and 24Watt
Output Voltage: Adjustment Eange: ±20%
Output Voltage Type: DC Current
Shell Material: Metal Case / Aluminum Base
Dimension: 88 x 60 x 32 mm  Approx

Light Source Details: LED Module, each module has three Diodes
Brightness(Lumen): 45~50lm
Chip Material: AlGaInP
Operating Temperature: -40 -60
Power Consumption: Each module consumes DC 12V, power dissipation 1.2 W
Size: Each Module size is about 75*14*5mm

Connectivity Method: Modules are connected serially.
Estimated Lifespan: 5+ years with proper placement and care


  • What can the LED Signs be used for?

LED Signs can be used in a variety of ways. The most common uses include internal signs in office settings including room plaque and number signs, receptionist areas, building directories, etc. LED Signs are also often used for exterior purposes including business signage in commercial business parks and entrance signs. They also look great in professional service settings such as dentist, physician/doctor, lawyer, and accountant’s offices due to their aesthetic appeal and professional look.

  • Are your LED Signs suited for outdoors?

Yes. LED Signs are a great option for both indoor and outdoor uses.

  • Will my LED Signs fade or scratch?

In normal everyday usage your LED Signs should not scratch. That being said LED signs can be perceptible to fade. To avoid fade your sign, take care with the power source, variation in voltage can also cause.

  • What are the colours available in LED Signs?

We use our standard RGB Colours, with the RGB any colours can be produced, for more details contact us.

Installation and Care:


  • How do I install my LED Signs / Where can I post my sign?

LED Signs can be placed or posted both inside and out. Regardless of where they might be posted they are generally affixed to rigid surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete or even drywall. We recommend selecting drilled holes and standoffs when ordering your sign so that you can easily post your sign in the desired spot.

The standoffs come with wall anchors and screws that can be used to post your sign. To install your sign you should drill a pilot hole before inserting the anchor. You can then drill your screw into the anchor in the rigid surface. Lastly, screw on the standoff cap for each drilled hole on your sign.

LED Signs can also be hung using the drilled holes and a variety of accessories including rope, bungee cord, zip ties, etc. As LED Signs are generally a more professional sign we recommend mounting them with standoffs to obtain the best look.

  • How do I clean my LED Signs?

You can clean your LED sign by using a non-abrasive wet rag. Regular cleaning will ensure that your sign will remain clear and vibrant.

  • How do I store my LED signs?

Storing your LED Signs is very easy to do. Simply store them in a cool dry place at room temperature. Avoid scraping or rubbing them against abrasive or sharp objects to avoid scratching. We recommend covering them or inserting some kind of soft fabric in between signs if you are storing more than one together.

  • What types of Installation can be made with the metal letters?

Flush Stud Mount, Flush Tape, Stud Spacers, Bottom Angle Bracket, Top Rail, Bottom Rail, Top Stud, Bottom Stud.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • What is your standard lead time on LED Signs?

Our standard lead times vary depending on the type of sign

Rush production options are also available.

  • How are sign letters installed?

Individual sign letters are typically installed using a stud mount and spacers. We will provide the stud mounts, spacers, and an installation template with your order. We recommend you to take our professional expert support to avoid damages to the wall surface and metal letters.

  • Can you use my custom artwork?

Yes. Please share your logo file in a vector AI EPS, or PDF format.

  • How do I know what size letters I need for viewing distance?

A basic rule is that 2″ letters are readable from 10-15 feet away. Then, add one inch to the letter height for every 20 feet of distance they need to be read from. Obviously, if you can fit a larger letter size on your wall or building, they will be easier to read.

  • I have to fit my letters in a certain length of space. How do I know they will fit? What is the maximum size that will fit?

Please Contact Us to know what is your maximum line length should not exceed. We will then calculate what size letters can fit.

  • Can I use a custom font?

Yes, you can use a custom font for your sign letters or plaque project. You will need to email us the font in a .ttf (True Type format).

  • Can you put LEDs in metal letters to backlight the letters?

Yes, we make metal letters with LEDs and a lexan back. Please Contact Us to know more.

  • Can I see my layout printed at full size?

Yes. We can share the actual size that is the layout which would cover a full size printed layout of your logo, letters, or plaque.

  • How can I get samples of your materials?

We can provide material finish samples of all of our metal letters (Aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless, copper, and Cor-ten steel)  as well as acrylic. The sample chips are ideal to see and feel the materials, and test how they look on your wall and with your decor.

If you want to see a custom letters, it will need to be placed as an order. For metal plaques, we have actual sample signs we can ship with a deposit, which would be credited back once the sample is returned back.